Steelwood is a full-service real estate brokerage and consulting firm that assists land owners, corporations and non-profit organizations in the planning, development, sales and management of their real estate assets.

The mission of Steelwood is to help our clients meet their individual goals and objectives by recommending effective, creative, market driven strategies. Steelwood will increase the value of your property, build value and ensure that both short and long term financial goals are met while minimizing the risks inherent with real estate development.

A key element to Steelwood is the experience, integrity and commitment of its key professionals. Our principals average thirty years of experience in real estate development, finance, architecture and planning. These skills combined with unparalleled service and communication, provide a conduit between the land owner and the potential value of their real property.

With its office located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Steelwood offers an array of Property Development Solutions to our clients throughout the region. These solutions fall under four main categories and are listed below:

Property Development Solutions

Real Estate Services

  • Project Marketing
  • Property Listings and Sales
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Financial and Capital Solutions
  • Development Agreements

property development research

  • Interviewing
  • Site Analysis/Due Diligence
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Demographic Studies

Property Development Strategies

  • Rezoning/Annexations
  • Development Plans
  • Infrastructure
  • Land Utilization
  • Development Agreements

property development Management

  • Design Development
  • Development Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Construction Review



help you nurture and grow the value of your property.



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